Affordable Face Masks Now Available online

In the wake of this pandemic, one thing that has been important is buying good quality face covers. The Foxtrot Clothing, which is an online brand, has started manufacturing face covers and exclusively in the USA. All of us have to take certain precautions and one of this is wearing a face mask. These face covers will be delivered to you at your doorstep. Our company has taken this initiative of donating one mask to the needy on the sale of 5 masks. This has a collective benefit for all.

Qualities of the Mask

They are made of soft polyester fabric which helps you breathe well and does not leave a sense of suffocation. They cover your mouth and nose really well and are held up by good elastic bands. The quality of masks are really good since they are reusable, washable, and durable also. They are not surgical masks, it is important to note. Use them only if you are taking precautions.

Types of masks you can find here

#1. Emoji face cover


This can be a very fascinating face cover especially for little kids. This can bring a fun element in your life in these harsh times. The color is vibrant, the fabric is good so it is an ideal choice.

#2. Fire face cover


This is as vibrant as it sounds. This face cover looks good, makes you feel energetic the time in these harsh times. It can cover your mouth and nose very well and helps you take precautions.

#3. Cupcakes face cover


This is the cutest face cover you will see. The cupcakes printed on it makes you feel so refreshed. This will be delivered to your doorstep and is affordable too.

#4. Black and white polka dot face cover


Polka dots do not go wrong anywhere in any piece of cloth. So is this one that is printed on the mask. The mask is so vibrant and makes you feel alive.

We will deliver these masks in 3-5 business days and have also listed the return policy too.