America Flag Shirts By The Foxtrot Clothing

At the Foxtrot clothing, bringing American patriotism to life is our core objective. Our in-house fashionistas make it their mission to design trendy and functional American made patriotic clothing. Occasions such as the recently concluded Olympic winter games provide a perfect platform for showcasing American patriotism. And we know this; which is why we have the American flag national anthem shirt among our patriotic apparel selection.

Rocking a shirt having our nation’s stars and stripes make you stand out. But we want more than this. Wherever you are, the American flag shirt bearing the national anthem lets the world know what Americans stand for as a nation. Patriotism can be expressed in numerous ways; this is why we offer our clients an extensive selection of patriotic apparels.

Are you in the mood to celebrate American law enforcement officers? If yes, we have the right gear for you. We make it fashionable to celebrate, appreciate, and show love to the officers who risk their lives to serve and protect us. Visit our store to go through our selection of patriotic wear that features the American tactical flag shirt. Other than the Tactical American flag shirt you can always try out the Distressed American flag shirt or t-shirt in memory of America’s fallen heroes.

Flying the American flag upside down does not come off as being disrespectful, it means you are in distress. But you don’t have to be in distress to clad in the distressed American shirts or t-shirts. If it looks and feels great why not wear it? Instead of flying the flag upside down, you can wear a Distressed American flag t shirt or shirts available in our stores.

You don’t have to be patriotic during a particular season. If you are feeling patriotic, do not wait for the summer to get your patriotic funk on. Check out our complete summer, winter and fall collection of American made patriotic clothing to find the gear that suits you most. Our patriotic hoodies are a match for the bruising winter weather. But during the summer, we recommend our American flag outdoor t shirts.

Over the years, the American flag t shirt has had the same design concept; a t shirt in the colors of the American flag. But who doesn’t want to try out a new concept? At the Foxtrot Clothing, we offer the Metallic American flag t shirt. You can try out this patriotic t shirt to give your patriotism a new look.

Let the Foxtrot Clothing be your patriotic choice of fashion because we have you covered!