COVID-19: An Outbreak That Brought Disaster

Corona Virus has taken all over the world since a few months now. It started in China but with a blink of an eye it soon spread to over 140+ countries. This virus has no antidote and the research is still bring done. The symptoms of this deadly virus are as regular as dry cough, high fever or continuously sneezing. The spread of this virus is through air when an infected person sneezes or coughs. This virus enters your body through eyes, nose or mouth. It is highly advised to not touch your face frequently and keep washing them regularly. WHO suggests that everyone should wash their hands for 20 seconds. Coronavirus doesn’t show symptoms all of a sudden. It gets even more difficult. 

So far the COVID-19 outbreak has done a lot of damage and according to World Health Organization as of 16 march 2020 over 1,70,000 have been reported and in over 150 countries. Its major outbreak has been in Mainland china, Europe, Iran, south Korea. More than 6500 people have died So far and about 77000 people have been recovered. Italy has suffered the maximum loss since the number of deaths has reached 3405 as per today.

Why should your clothes be sanitized?

Recently WHO has sent in some other precautions for everyone to follow because this virus spread very easily and cannot be detected until 14 days of testing. Also WHO has sent in the guidelines which included why sanitizing your clothes is equally important just as your hands. This is simply because if you come in contact with anyone who is positively tested for coronavirus and sneezes or touches you, the infection is going to stay on the your clothes. If by chance your hands come in contact with it and you touch your face later unaware of the fact that you have brought back infection with you, then you might also get infected. COVID-19 outbreak has shattered the world. Since the world war 2, nothing of this big scale has ever made it difficult for the world to fight. WHO and government urges everyone to self-quarantine. 

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