COVID - 19 Breaks Out Like Nuclear Fusion - Best Ways to Defend Yourself

In this 21st century, with the advancement of medical sciences, scientists and doctors have tried to provide global citizens with cure or treatment to each disease that humankind had witnessed or experienced. Even scientists and experts in the field of medical science are still working upon the cure of some diseases whose counter treatment is still unknown to the doctors. But certain incidents in human history have tested the efficiency of the medical sciences in preventing mankind from an epidemic apocalypse. For instance - the black death plaque or the great bubonic plague which the world witnessed in the 14th century saw the one - third of the world's population being wiped out. Following this incident, centuries after in the year of 1918, the world witnessed the breaking out of Spanish flu amidst the world wars. Finally, in this millennium we are witnessing the outbreak of a pandemic in one year before from now, and is still affecting the population of the world and making many countries its victim – that is COVID - 19 or the Coronavirus.

Preventive Measures from the COVID - 19 or the Corona Virus

The COVID -19 breaks out like a nuclear fusion spreading from the town in the Republic of China known as Wuhan. Scientists and medical experts suspect that the outbreak first took place in the livestock and animals of the vicinity then infected the humans of the area. Thus, over time, it affected the whole of the world from China, having an impact on countries like Italy, the United Kingdom and India as well. Every global citizen must take the following preventive measures to ensure the safety and further spreading of this disease

• Maintaining personal hygiene - We should maintain personal hygiene by frequently washing our hands properly especially before and after having our food. One must also keep oneself clean by bathing regularly and also maintain proper hygiene by seldom washing the feet.

• Washing clothes carefully - The virus is also said to live on the clothes for 72 hours. Hence, one must wash their clothes carefully as well.

• Social distancing - People should maintain the practice of social distancing as the virus is said to be transferred through physical contact.

• Quarantine practice - People should encourage the practice quarantine that is self-isolation which kind of extends the practice of social distancing.

Therefore, in a nutshell, we can state that we must act responsibly and immediately for this pandemic to take a toll on more lives.

*Regards from The Foxtrot clothing family to especially Americans and the rest of the world to stay healthy and safe.