Easy, Stylish, Patriotic 4th of July Outfit Ideas

Show your American spirit this 4th of July by rocking any of these easy, stylish, patriotic outfit ideas!

1. Keep It Simple.
Creating the perfect 4th of July outfit is sometimes as simple as throwing on your favorite pair of denim shorts, a white t-shirt or tank, and adding red accessories like a headband, bandana, earrings, shoes, or a bag. Create variations of this outfit by switching up the colors, just stick to red, white, and blue!

2. Stripes.
One of our absolute favorite 4th of July outfit ideas is the striped dress paired with bold accessories. Whether it’s a blue and white striped dress with red accessories, as featured on Kourtney Kardashian below, or a red and white dress with blue accessories, this classic look will have you ready for whatever celebration you’re attending.

3. DIY.
If you want your outfit to scream, “I love America!” then it might be time to pick up a pair of thrift store shorts (white or blue work best) and create your own American Flag pair. Now whether you want to embellish the back pockets or the entire pair of shorts is up to you, but doing it yourself ensures you’ll achieve a one-of-a-kind look that is patriotic, stylish, and all yours. You can pair these babies with just about anything, but we suggest sticking with the colors of the day.

4. Bold Statement.
Red is arguably the boldest color out there, making it a fantastic choice for Independence Day. On the 4th, we love red shorts or a red dress paired with a light chambray shirt for a look that is bold, sophisticated, and can be as dressed up or dressed down as you want.

5. Go All Out.
If you’re looking to pull out the big guns, there’s only one real option: American Flag everything. Go big or go home, right? From shorts to shirts to bandanas to hats to a dress that turns you into a giant flag, you’d be amazed at the patriotic clothing choices out there. And the truth of the matter is, that on this, our Independence Day, you really can’t go wrong.