Female Fashion Trends Shaping the American Flag Shirt- The Foxtrot clothing

Even if you do not feel particularly patriotic at this time, you cannot deny the intrinsic and chic factor of the classic red, white and blue for the great summer vacations of Memorial Day, Independence Day (Fourth of July) and Labor Day. And the designers are getting used to the American style of patriotic clothing, especially the Belgian Raf Simons for his first Calvin Klein collection. God bless the immigrants and may God bless America: buy the best patriotic American apparel in the colors of the flag.

Let's be honest: it's hard to dress in American made patriotic clothing without looking like a walking American flag. We are all in favor of patriotism, especially on the fourth of July, but there is a fine line between the party of fashion and pure disguise. So, how do we celebrate the nation's birthday without being so literal? We either try the American Eagle T-shirt or turn to the stars for inspiration.

Color Code

Red, white and blue everywhere? You are the dream of Betsy Ross come true. For a modern-day girl, keep things simple with a single-tone of white or the primary colors of the United States’ flag. While the denim-denim look can be affectionately called the Canadian tuxedo, it is as American as the fashion trends. And a completely white outfit is seasonally appropriate and always chic, but do not forget to complement the look with structured blue or red accessories like Emmy Rossum or Bella Thorne.

Master of Motives

For the patriot who wants to dig a little deeper, incorporate the biggest symbols of the country in your outfit with essential super simple pieces. The trick is to choose a motive and let it shine. For instance, you could choose to display your carefree personality in a distressed American flag shirt. For example, Jenna Dewan Tatum once clad in all stars, but not stripes, and vice versa for Kate Bosworth. It can even incorporate other symbols that prevail in the history of the United States: eagles, architecture, etc. For example, at Coachella this year, Kendall Jenner was all Americana in a Western glamor cowgirl outfit.

Grand Old Flag

It's time to let your American flag fly by rocking an American flag shirt! Follow in the footsteps of Taylor Swift and Beyoncé by bringing a new allure to stars and stripes with muted colors or a patterned t-shirt or tank. You can also keep the proportions balanced and optimized with modern design details, such as cutouts or panels. You use symbolism inspired by the flag; If in doubt a classic red lip would do.

Whichever direction trends decide to take in 2018, being a female means you have to stand out. Throwing in some patriotism by rocking t-shirts with flag on it will turn every day into the 4th of July.