How Long the Coronavirus Lives on Our Clothes? - And how to wash them?

Throughout the history of mankind, people have witnessed different epidemics and pandemics threatening the lives of humankind to the verge of being an incident indicating the apocalypse. Most likely it started in the form of plagues in the early medieval times, for instance - the Black death plague devastating the world especially the eastern Europe form 1346 -1353, which was followed by the Spanish flu which came amidst the world wars of the 20th century. Finally, in this, millennium we are witnessing the onset of the new Pandemic known as the coronavirus or the COVID 19. No cure has been found which could treat this virus properly and help in curbing its effect. Statistics state that around more than two hundred thousand people have been affected and the death toll has risen more than 11,000 in this past week. To ensure safety from this pandemic for ourselves and others, we must look into the basic preventive measures -

  • Wash our hands and feet frequently and properly
  • Try practicing physical distancing to avoid contact for social solidarity
  • Maintain personal hygiene and bath regularly
  • Try to wash clothes regularly and make sure to separate the clothes of the person who shows symptoms of catching a cold.

How long the coronavirus lives on our clothes?

It is said that the coronavirus lives on our clothes for around 72 hours, which is 3 days. Thus, it is highly suggestible to practice Quarantine or self-isolation for the sake of your health and the others, as in this case, clothes can act as a carrier as well for the virus as it spreads through physical contact.

How to wash clothes to ensure safety?

From the point of social responsibility, we need to keep in mind points while washing clothes which will ensure safety for all of us - 

1. Using washing machines - Using washing machines instead of hands can reduce your chances of coming in contact with the virus particles which can be present on the clothes, therefore, ensuring a part of our safety.

2. Using bleaching detergent - Using bleaching detergent will help in removing the germs which can bear the virus from the clothes

3. Use gloves if you wash with hands - If you are unable to wash with the washing machines then you must wear gloves while washing the clothes with your hands ensuring further safety.

Hence, we find it is our social responsibility to curb the spreading of the virus through practicing quarantine, maintaining personal hygiene and washing our clothes properly. Support from The Foxtrot clothing family to especially Americans and the rest of the world.