Ohio’s Best Patriotic Clothing: The Foxtrot Clothing

What is that phrase that comes to mind when Ohio is mentioned? The heart of it all. Yes, when you come from a state filled with love like Ohio, the best way to show your love for America is by adding the best patriotic American apparel to your closet. There are so many ways to show your pride; but the best and easiest way is by wearing your love for America. How about these:

Patriotic t-shirts

t shirt

How often do you wear t-shirts? Whether you are going to school, to a party, to hike or attend a patriotic event, a t-shirt always comes in handy for that laid-back casual look. What if you can push that envelope a bit and make your t-shirt show your pride for America by choosing an American Eagle men's t-shirt or digitally printed one with the right statement? Whether you want a t-shirt that stands with the USA police,a sexy patriotic t-shirt or one that is edgy enough to display your personality, The Foxtrot Clothing stocks them all for you.

USA police support hoodie


The USA police in Ohio always do a great job in ensuring the state if free from crime and by responding to your need in the best way possible. Have you ever appreciated them? Now there is a way to do that in a simple but fashionable way. Wear a USA police support hoodie to a patriotic event, to your school functions, to watch a game,to hang out with a friend or even to go hiking. The USA police support hoodie is warm enough and the detail shows your pride in the USA police and gives them thumbs up. They are classy, .warm and comfortable too.

American Flag Hat

american flag hat

What does your hat say? There is a better way to show your pride in America and it is in making your hat displaying the love for you. The American flag hat is custom made to fit right and give you comfort while displaying the American flag everywhere you go. Whether you want one that stands with the Ohio police in solidarity or one that best fits your favorite baseball game, stocks American Flag Hats for everyone.

American Tactical apparel

Tactical activities are boring and tiring when the apparel is not right. You don’t have to wait for Memorial Day to say you love America; you can buy American Tactical apparel and show your patriotism everyday. You no longer have to skip training just because it is cold outside. Getting a tactical hoodie will solve that for you. You will keep warm, stay stylish and stand out any day. You can wear them to any event or activity.