Patriotic Celebrities Wearing American Flag Clothing

Celebrities, especially, are fond of putting on American flag clothing, and not only on July 4th; they wear American flag clothing to the airport, to beach, to Coachella, to yoga, and other places during other time of the year.
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Let's see some top celebrities that has worn the American flag clothing in several astonishing patriotic styles.

Destiny Child: In 2010, Destiny Child came on stage rocking the American flag clothing
Miley Cyrus: During a concert in 2010, she was seen wearing an American flag women's tank.
Katy Perry: Counting from 2010, Katy has put on at least five different American flag shirts and costumes, she's a true patriot.
Lady Gaga: She showed up with an American flag bikini for the "Telephone" video finale.
Stephen Colbert: Talking of one person that openly displays his patriotism, Stephen Colbert should come to mind.

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The American Flag Clothing - Permissible to wear or not on a normal day?
Are you bothered about getting clothes with American flag design printed on them? You may be thinking if it is right or against the law to wear clothing items similar to the American flag. Don't get bothered about that. You're not violating the American flag by wearing clothes that resembles it, except the cloth material is same with the actual American flag.
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