Psychedelic Wear/Art: A Revival of 90’s Style

The Foxtrot Clothing is against the old, plain and boring fashion style. When we decided to introduce psychedelics to the number one fashion house in rave wear, we considered every detail that spices up a music concert. You can simply light up the air with more energy literally by wearing our psychedelic collection.

We manufacture the best in psychedelic clothing for women in different sizes and styles. Whether you are looking for psychedelic tees online or women’s psychedelic tank tops, you can be sure that, what you will get from the Foxtrot clothing will start up conversations and give you some class. You will not only light up the party but also turn heads everywhere you go. From the superior fabric used that is easy to clean, to high quality ink that does not wear out. Our psychedelic wear will make your cleaning very easy, thanks to the material used and did I mention the fact that they don’t crease up?


We don’t only swag up your events on the warm days when it gets a bit chilly, the foxtrot clothing doesn’t give you any reason to skip your favorite events. Our multicolored sweatshirts and men’s monochromatic hoodies will keep you warm and standing out depending on your love for color and ability to experiment with them. If you are a lover of the skies and cosmic beauty, then our carefully made psychedelic galaxy hoodies will take you to the clouds. Thanks to the comfort and warmth combined with perfect quality.

The foxtrot clothing’s popular psychedelic joggers are perfectly made to fit with precision and a special attention to details. Our psychedelic wear has you covered for festivals, parties or even daily wear. We understand that clothes are no longer just for cover, but they also make a statement about your personality. If you can bring out the fun part of you most attractively and fashionably, what would stop you?

Become unstoppable with the best of the foxtrot clothing psychedelic wear.