Spice Up Your Fourth of July Celebration with Our Patriotic Clothing

The fourth of July happen to be the time when the summer period gets so exciting and interesting for many people. This year, many areas have restricted the use of fireworks due to the increased number of fire outbreaks recently. However, there are still many more ways to display your patriotism as well as celebrate this significant holiday.

The following are great ideas of combining summer activities and flashy patriotic clothing fashion this coming Independence Day.

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If you're thinking of appearing simple yet patriotic, then you should consider purchasing our patriotic shirts to stand out from the crowd. Again, for additional confidence, you can truly dazzle your friends with our colorful patriotic hoodies sparkling with the stripes and stars, that'll attract more eyes to you.
Our patriotic American apparel has some cool features you'll love. These features are custom made patriotic clothing and direct to garment patriotic clothing (DTG patriotic clothing)

About our custom made patriotic clothing feature
This feature enables you customize your clothing to suit your patriotic taste. Though being a renowned clothing company, we don't necessarily define what design you wear, the choice of design is up to you with this feature. Show your creative side by customizing your clothes today using images, arts and texts.

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About our DTG patriotic clothing feature
Direct to Garment printing also known as DTG printing is an efficient and dependable method for apparel designing. This feature enables you get patriotic ink designs directly printed to your clothes.
Using DTG is the ideal option for apparel designing when the image has lots of colors. This feature makes your image quality sharper and it is inexpensive compared to other apparel printing methods.
The Foxtrot clothing owns and operates top DTG printers for all of its direct to garment printing production. Our DTG machines are tested and trusted in the garment printing field.
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Purchase our patriotic American apparels and get into the party, display your patriotic spirit on July 4th and make your own firework.