The Foxtrot clothing: Does Your Closet Have a Piece of Patriotic Clothing?

Many people say they love American but they only wear their patriotic clothing on the 4th of July. Why? Because they think that patriotic American apparel is slowly becoming cliché and dated. Thanks to the red blue and white colors that paint the entire nation on dates like that. When everybody tries to squeeze in all their love in one day.

However, who said you can only show your love and pride for America on National Holidays like the 4th of July? To avoid the dramatic spillover that happens on the 4th of July, you can try the minimalist approach in ensuring that you incorporate a bit of American made patriotic clothing in your daily routine. You don’t have to go overboard; even a small detail of the flag together with a flare of fashion and style will go a long way. Here are some of the patriotic American apparel to consider:

American Flag Hats

When your hat has a hint of the American flag on it, you don’t have to wear anything else with a flag to show your patriotism. If you wear your hats to the games, to the office, hiking or training, you can consider getting one with a flag to make your patriotic statement. This will give you the minimalist approach to patriotic fashion.


Hoodies make fashion statements all year round. Those who are involved in training activities, those who are just going about their daily duties or even for those who just want to keep warm. Your hoodie can have a flag detail on it or all over it depending on the statement you want to make. Considering the fact that patriotism can mean anything; from standing with the police or just admiring the American eagle, you don’t have to say them all in one piece. Just get your American made patriotic clothing, throw it on and let the love spread.


There are so many ways to show patriotism in doesn’t have to be covered with stripes of red blue and white all-over. A small flag detail, a rugged or faded look, an American eagle t-shirt or simply one that represents the state that you come from can convey your patriotic statement. Since we all love t-shirts for their simplicity and light nature, we can simply convert them into patriotic clothing by being creative with the look and tying out different combinations.

Other patriotic American apparel

Have you ever thought of swimming and how it relates to your pride for America? You can buy several American made patriotic clothing like swimming costumes, shorts for men, jeggings, tank tops, long sleeve shirts and even gloves. The all idea is that, there are no limits to how much patriotic you can be. Your shoes, hair bands, bracelets or even neck pieces can show your love for America.

You don’t have to go overboard with patriotic clothing. Always remember that less is more and the law of minimalism will give you style and fashion statement any day. Just pick one piece of patriotic clothing per day to suit your event and rock it all the way.