These Are This Year’s Hottest Fourth of July Fashion Trends

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, meaning time is running out to lock in our festive fashion for the long weekend! Known as quite possibly the most fun, summer holiday of the year, there are various ways to show your patriotic side through today’s trends in fashion, hair, accessories, makeup and nail art. 

In case you’re in need of a helping hand on what is popular in the fashion world for this 4th, check out the polling results from polling app Wishbone! 

We polled over 5,000 users on their preferences on various 4th of July style details from the outfit, makeup, nails and more. Interested in what looks best? Go with the most popular vote. Interested in standing out from the crowd? Go against the grain and choose the less popular look —now that you know what everyone wants to wear! It’s really a win-win. Let’s dive into the results below!


The Fourth Of July Fit: Flirty and Fun or Laid Back Casual?

With an endless amount of ensembles to create with the red, white and blue colors, we’ve decided to just narrow down the options and decide between a fun and flirty style vs. a casual and laid back option. For our first look we’ve paired a trendy red and white stripped crop top and a starry high-low flowy skirt - perfect for the ultimate American girly girl. Our second option is a more chill American flag tank paired with studded high-rise shorts. Equally as fashionable yet giving off a sportier vibe. Which look has won over America?

The lady liberties have spoken and they’re loving the crop top and skirt look! Out of over 6,000 voters, the majority 54% went with the more dressed up option and we have to agree. That flowy star skirt is to die for! If you’re looking to stand out among the trendy crop top and skirts, absolutely go with the classic tank and jean shorts. There’s nothing more American than jean shorts on a summer night.


Hair Accessories: Bow vs. Flower Crown?

Would you rather dress your locks up with a very classic bow or a trendy flower crown? Both are equally as cute and very girly. They’ll give you that extra special flare to help give you achieve those festive feels. What will we be seeing more of this year?

Winning by a just a few hundred votes, the bow takes the cake in this hair accessory battle! A classic bow tying back luscious curls is a cute, traditional look that 55% of voters decided worked best over the flower crown. However, a flower crown is super trendy! A true fashionista would rock the flower crown and would be sure to turn heads at any Fourth of July BBQ!


Head Games: Headband vs. Hat? 

Back to our head games, we’ve decided to put a more tomboy pair of looks up against each other: the bandana and a flat-brimmed hat. Both give off a very cool, easy going look that gives you a huge amount of swagger. You really can’t wear both at once so which look is best?

Shockingly, the bandana wins over the flat-brimmed hat in this competition with a slight advantage of 55% of the vote over the hat’s 45%. Understandably, a cap worn normally or backwards may be a tough one to pull off and isn’t everyone’s go-to style. The bandana allows for more hair to be shown and gives a more girly look compared to the hat. Also, a bandana fits all head sizes, whereas a hat might not look right on everyone. If you can pull both looks off, you’re doing somethin right!


Which Patriotic Nail Art?  

Who said Fourth of July fashion stopped at your clothes?! One of the holiday’s most common trends are festive nails! With so many color options and designs to choose from, how does one decide what to go with for the big weekend? The easy answer is to create a Wishbone poll, obviously! For this nail bitting matchup, we went with a classic American flag design for all nails vs. the trendier accent nail look with a base color of red for the remaining nails. What was the preferred polish in this poll?

Not surprisingly, this Wishbone matchup resulted in yet another neck and neck result. By just a few hundred votes the unified American flag look wins over the accent nail look with the majority 58% of the vote. Does this mean the accent nail trend is finally over?! Not so fast. A strong 42% of the vote went with the standout, accent nail design, meaning it’s fairly still popular in the nail world.


Festive Face Make-Up

Another fun way to show off your 4th of July spirit is by playing with your makeup! Whether it be different eye shadow styles, colored lashes, or American flag lips, the combinations are endless. For this makeup matchup, we decided to put up a classic blue cat-eyed look with a simple bright red lip up against a three-colored eye shadow highlighting the red, white and blue. Which fabulous face wins this Wishbone poll?

Turns out more is better! The blue cat-eyed look is just too simple for the fashionistas this year. The tri-colored eye shadow wins with 66% of the vote, proving statement looks are more aspirational than the classic everyday makeup. Whether or not the majority of folks can actually create this look is another story. But it’s definitely cute and we can always try!

May the 4th (of July) Be With You

Now that you have the Wishbone polling results for this year’s 4th of July fashion, the ball is in your court! For those still trying to land their 4th of July wardrobe before the big weekend, these Wishbone polling results should help speed up the process! Whether you’re looking to turn heads with less popular yet equally trendy look or have your thumb on the pulse of what’s super trendy this year, you’ve taken a glimpse at the fashion crystal ball, now go ahead and hit the mall before time runs out!