Trippy Dark Psychedelic Art clothing By The Foxtrot clothing

How many times have you ever wanted to escape reality for a bit and get engulfed in a cool and amazing atmosphere? The Foxtrot Clothing is here to give you more than that in our line of trippy wear. We understand that sometimes it gets a little tough and we chose to be one of the best trippy clothing stores that are determined to lift your mood.

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Our trippy psychedelic clothing is made with 3D print to simply lift you to a new world of reality and possibilities in the fashion industry. The bold colors and patterns stand out to make the statement clear. We don’t stop there; we ensure that a team of skilled professionals work carefully on every design, size, and seam to ensure that it perfectly meets and exceeds your expectations. They are all made from high-quality fabric that is easy to wash and durable enough to give the feeling for long. We care about your money, and that is why we make every piece worth your while.

Every rave and festival is made complete with our trippy festival clothing. If it’s cold outside, you can switch to our trippy sweatshirts and hoodies to stand out amazingly and warmly. If you want to be a bit playful in the warm weather, the trippy visions t-shirts will be your best wear to the gym, the beach, music festivals and all other galactic adventures that you can think of. You can never go wrong with these since they make you feel like you have a third set of eyes and vision.

Hippie Jumpsuit

How about our trippy visions joggers? It is time to be a bit playful with your joggers and ditch the plain and boring. They scream ‘freaky cool’ from the design, the pattern, the fit and the vibrant energy that will transform every jogging activity into an enigma. What’s more, you can wear them to every place you can imagine.

It’s time to rise above the glass ceiling of fashion and stand out without apologies by rocking the Foxtrot Clothing Trippy wear!