What are The Types of Women's Matching Sets Online?

Are you looking to buy women's matching sets online? It could seem to you like a difficult and confusing task, but we are here to ease it out for you! Well, all you need to have is a fair idea of the different types of women’s matching set outfits that are available online.
So, in this post, let us quickly give you a tour across the different types of pajamas or matching sets that are available for you. These sets vary based on their design, quality price, and body shape.

Pyjama sets for women

Different Types of Pyjama sets for women

Basically, the matching sets are sub-divided into three types and they are daywear, contemporary, and traditional. Let’s know more about them now. Foxtrot has a wide collection of these designer women's matching sets and after this read, you can simply log on and get going with your shopping!

Traditional Sets

Traditional pajamas are more like men's pajamas. They have flannel fabric or soft cotton. Mostly, these traditional womens matching sets online come with long-sleeves shirts and long pants.

Contemporary Sets

These have some similarities to the traditional ones. They comprise of t-shirts, singlet, short-sleeved tops, shorts, or three-quarter pants. One can opt for tight fitted or loose pajamas. The fabric is normally high-quality cotton material with elasticized fabric. A lot of women prefer these contemporary women’s matching set outfits for a more relaxed and comfortable feeling. 

Daywear Pyjama Sets

For the women who like to wear ultra-comfortable loungewear at home and go to bed in the same clothes, these are for them. These could be your best friend for the lounge look in your home.

Winter Pyjamas

The next type includes the sets that are made of warmer material for keeping you cozy and warm in the chilled winter nights.

Summer Pyjama Sets

As a part of your summer comfy clothing, you can opt for those designer women's matching sets that are lightweight, comfortable and breathable. You can easily find these cute sets online in different styles and usually, they fit different sizes.

Shorts and shirt

You can find sets that have shorts and shirts as a combo. The shirt could be camisoles, singlets or short-sleeved tees. The shorts could be really short or mid-length – depending on your comfort. Usually, all the summers sets are made of shorts and shirt combo.

Chemise sets

These sets are the most preferred when it comes to choosing something that is absolutely feminine and sexy. These are usually sleeveless and fit tight around your bust. You can get them in a variety of fabrics like synthetic, silk, cotton or lace.

Not only this, but you can also find different womens matching set outfits based on the type of material used. They could be cotton, polyester or silk. While cotton goes well in winters and summers, polyester can be used in any weather and throughout the year. Silk sets are usually expensive and they are an ideal choice as winter wear as they keep you pretty warm.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the beautiful collection from Foxtrot Clothing now and use this guide to buy what would best suit your needs today!