Where to Buy Good Sleepwear for Women?

Sleepwear is an important piece of clothing isn't it? A well-balanced life is when you have a sound sleep every night and to have that a good and comfy sleepwear is supremely important. So after a tiring day, one needs nothing but a nice sleepwear and your bed. We at The Foxtrot Cothing bring to you a very wise range of sleepwear for women.

Types of cool women's sleepwear

1. Bamboo cami shorts pajama set in Mink


It is one of the most comfortable cami and shorts pajama set in women's sleepwear collection. It is made of bamboo material and has a lot of benefit like anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic. It is also a super breathable fabric which is very airy and gives you a nice comfy outlook. The most interesting part is that it is eco-friendly which does give you an extra reason to buy it. It has contrasting piping which makes it look very funky. It also comes with a nice gift bag so this can also be a gift to someone or can be used as a carrier bag if going on vacations.

2. Ecovero chemise night dress in blue


Who doesn't love a lovely lose fitted single piece night dress. It is super comfy, makes you feel cosy as well as sexy. The print is inspired by Nature's leaf print. The top is a cami and it has been shaped subtly with some tie feature. Again the most amazing part is that it is made by Ecovero which is extracted from wood pulp so it is pretty sustainable. Now you can have a comfy and sound sleep and also feel a little but more happy that you've chosen Earth as well. The length of the this dress reaches till the knee which is fairly good enough. It feature adjustable straps to go with your comfort. The chemise is surely going to fit all body types really well and make it look nice.

3. Ecovera cami pant set in blue


This one is a lovely pant set for everyone who likes to be be fully covered especially in cold places. They look super fresh and neat and does give you a nice sleep. The leaf print again is inspiried by nature and makes it look cute. It is made of Ecovera which is extracted by wood pulp, so now you're choosing Earth and sustainable fashion over everything else. It is made to give you utmost comfort. Cami pants sets also make one of the most stylish women sleepwear. The best part about this material is that it can also be well-suited for a summer or spring season too. The colour is very enriching and makes it a good lovely colour.