Where to Buy Hand Sanitizers Online

Corona virus or COVID-19 has been the most infectious disease and has taken a toll all over the world. It remains undefeated as of now because there is no vaccine found yet. This brings down to only one thing, how are you going to stay safe and unaffected by this deadly virus. The answer is by taken good precautions. According to World health organization guidelines, wearing a face cover to avoid a possible air contact with anyone and sanitizing hands continuously are the best ways to tackle it. It recommends washing hands atleast 5-7 times a day for 20 seconds each time and then using a hand sanitizer. Those who go out for anything, remember do not touch your face before washing hands. The medium for it to reach your body is through nose, mouth or eye which can be dangerous.

Buying hand sanitizer online

In these tough times, foxtrot clothing has taken this opportunity to produce self-manufactured hand sanitizer and let people buy hand sanitizer online. This is a new initiative to go out of our way and help our people in any which way possible. They are exclusively produced in USA. The delivery of these sanitizers is 3-5 business days in USA and 7-10 business in any other country.

Types of hand sanitizers for sale

Please note that all the hand sanitizer are shipped directly from USA.

#1. Hand sanitizers with tea tree oil

Hand sanitizers with tea tree oil


This is a sanitizer with 70% alcohol which is extremely necessary as precautions against COVID-19. The tea tree oil is good for the skin and has a nice fragrance too.

#2. Anti-germs natural hand sanitizer (Thieves blend) 

Anti-germs natural hand sanitizer

It is the best to buy hand sanitizer online which is in the form of a spray bottle. It has a powerful antiseptic formula, anti-bacterial properties and immune boosting oil has been blended in it. This sanitizer also has a good aroma which is warm and refreshing.

#3. Hand sanitizer with aloe vera and tea tree oil

Hand sanitizer with aloe vera and tea tree oil

It is a sanitizer with lovely fragrance and benefits of aloe vera which is known to be good for skin. It leave your hands with good moisture because it has tea tree oil present. This sanitizer has 62.5% alcohol in it.

#4. Lavender pack of 2 hand sanitizer

Lavender pack of 2 hand sanitizer

It is a hand sanitizer with beautiful fragrance of lavender. Your hands will smell of lavender for a long time. It keeps you fresh and moisturized and safe at the same time. It is also a spray bottle, pack of 2 and with 62% alcohol.

#5. Hand sanitizer 1 gallon refill (4 liters)

Hand sanitizer 1 gallon refill (4 liters)

This is a huge refill bottle if you want hand sanitizer for people in bulk, like in offices or schools and colleges. This can help you filled up the small bottles kept all over and will also be cost effective. It is known to refill up to 12 hand sanitizer bottles. This one also has 70% alcohol in it for better prevention of germs.