Where to Find Hand Sanitizers Online

Hand sanitizers are extremely important to maintain hygiene. In today's situation in which the world's is ,corona virus has majorly impacted all our lives and has taken a toll on humanity. The major precaution is to keep cleaning your hands as recommended by World health organization. Corona virus is an airborne disease that travel through droplet after an infected person sneezes or coughs. It enters your body through mouth, nose or eyes. So it is important to keep hands clean for which washing hands for 20 seconds and then applying hand sanitizer is very important. This is even more necessary if you have stepped out of your homes to buy anything.

hand sanitizers

Foxtrot is a clothing online brand but seeing the increase in the demand for hand sanitizers and face covers, we have taken this initiative of producing them. They are exclusively made in USA. The best part about it is people are no longer required to go outside and risk their lives of getting infected. We provide a door-step delivery service. The costs have been kept minimum so that is it affordable for everyone to buy.

We have different variety of hand sanitizers available

#1. Watermelon hand sanitizers- It has a very lovely fragrance and smells of yummy watermelon. They have 70% alcohol in it which is required to keep hands disinfected.

#2. Lavender pack of 2 hand sanitizer- This one is a 62% alcohol content. They are good quality squeeze bottles and since it is a pack of two the price is also reasonably good. The lavender fragrance is really good and leaves you with a good fragrance.

#3. Hand sanitizers 1 gallon FDA approved (4 liters)- This is a refill bottle which is mostly used by offices or schools to refill multiple small bottle. This solution has moisture in it which makes it great while usage. It doesn't let your hand dry. It also has 70% alcohol in it which does the most of the work.

hand sanitizers

Our products will be delivered in 3 to 5 business days for citizens of USA. For anywhere in the world it will take about 7-10 days. Our aim is to help in some or the way by making sanitizers available. We have been producing sanitizers in bulk and have also taken good precautions before delivering the products at home. This facility will help people to avoid going out and order for sanitizers from the comfort of their houses.