Where to Find Non-Medical Face Mask Covers On An Urgent Basis?

Face mask covers have been a very essential commodity since this pandemic has begun. It has been running short since the COVID-19 is widespread and the need of the hour is adequate production of these face covers. The Foxtrot Clothing has started the production of face masks and hand sanitizers exclusively in the USA. We have taken this initiative to sell the face covers in the most minimal pricing.

About the Face Covers

They are non-medical masks and are great for precautions taking purpose. They have been double layered for extra filtration. It covers your nose and mouth adequately. These masks are easy to wash and that makes it long-lasting and durable. They are made of soft polyester fabric which lets you breathe thought it. Since the demand went up high, we have taken the opportunity to start home production. Along with it, we have also started this initiative where on selling 5 masks, we shall donate one to the needy who doesn't have means and money to buy them.

Various designs of masks are as follows

#1. Blue flowers face cover


They pretty looking blue flowers face cover is now available online. The color is very calming and in these tough times will help each one of us to stay strong and calm.

#2. Cheetah face cover


 Cheetah printed face covers look so bold and strong. It sends us a message to be strong and fight this pandemic bravely. Taking precautions is one way of being a part of fighting the pandemic and all of us need to come together.

#3. Elephants face cover


Elephants being such gigantic animals sends a message that all our health care workers are fighting this pandemic with high spirits. Using face masks will help them feel less burdened and send a message of strength. Besides, this face cover is beautifully designed with the colorful print to light up our lives with positivity.

#4. Damask face covers 


This is one of the most beautiful prints we have. It is being made with so much love and precision and gives out a message to stay patient and strong. It looks really good on the face.