About Us


Thefoxtrotclothing.com is the gold standard for apparel sold in the U.S.A. With a mission to make each one of us proud of American clothing, this venture has an accumulated clothing range from Patriotic to trendy shirts, Hoodies for everyone, including stylish everyday wear for both men and women.

Established in 2017, thefoxtrotclothing.com was founded by three patriotic friends that felt it was time for any American loving citizen to be proud of the country they live in! We are a business that is Truly living the American dream. We understand the needs of the modern American who want to go beyond the colours of red, white and blue. That is why, we have expanded our collection to include all kinds of fashion wear – including leggings, jeans, shorts, tees, winter wear etc.!

Our Mission

We are guided by a motivation to bring to the world a true essence of American clothing. Our team is constantly at work to produce effortless pieces of fashion wear that celebrates the true essence of being YOU! Our designers start with the basic questions of – how comfortable a cloth should be, what I want to wear today, what colour suits me the best and so on. A detailed thought process goes into our designing. Right from sustainable fabric sourced from the best places to handcrafters with years of professional experience- we have got it all for you on a single plate! In all, our mission revolves around providing fashionable and comfortable clothes to people of all ages and tastes.

Our clothing family at Foxtrot is very determined and dedicated to build a flourishing business for honouring the true spirit of the USA. We want to erase the lines of caste, creed and colour when it comes to making lovely clothing available for you all.

How we work

We are a USA clothing brand that is working hard to give you what you desire to wear JUST NOW! So, we are constantly on the endeavour to design clothes that are comfortable, attractive and fits you well. Our range of clothes include a wide variety of tees, tops, active wear, lingerie, plus size fashion wear, winter wear collection and more, to say the least. This is a pledge we took for our fellow Americans so that no one ever feels left behind. After all, that is the spirit by which our country lives, right? Yeah!

Our designers are at work to source the best quality fabric from the different parts. Majorly used fabrics are viscose, acrylic, nylon and spandex.

What’s special about our fabric?

We believe in giving back to the society more than we take. Our selection of fabric for our clothing depends on a number of factors. Before finalising the fabric, we calculate numerous things that will go into its production such as water and energy needs, human and eco toxicity, emission of harmful gases etc. Not only this, but we don’t want the maintenance to be very hassling for our clients and so, we try to keep it as great as possible.

That is why we have majorly chosen viscose as it is a man-made fibre that is extracted from wood pulp. We source the raw materials only from sustainably managed green forests so that there is no loss to the ecosystem. Besides this, we also opt for nylon which is mostly recycled so that the environment doesn’t degrade further.

Why are we your #1 choice?

Because WE ARE AMERICA’S BEST! Yes! We are absolutely delighted and proud of the same! Before we design a single piece of clothing for you, we consider a plethora of things regarding environmental damage, ease of maintenance, use of non-toxic colours and more. Despite being so cautious, there has never been any compromise on the fashion quotient of our clothes. What else does a modern star need?

Check out our range of clothing today and feel a little closer to home right away!