Be it Patriotic Day, Veteran’s day or 4th of July it’s always fun to wear patriotic clothing and be as patriotic as possible.

Patriotic American apparel is going to be quite big on the fashion scene in Texas and around the country this Fall. So why not hunt for cute pieces to wear this year for all the patriotic occasions and more!

Here is a list of some bestsellers in the patriotic clothing category.

  1. The Stripes and Stars Tee
    A basic Stars and stripes tee is a must and bestselling piece Of Foxtrot Tactical apparels. You can wear it on a laid-back day with the family or on a short excursion on a yacht or just when you want to go for a quick bite outside.
  2. Flag Unisex Hoodie 
    As autumn chill is setting in, you must stay warm with Patriotic Hoodies. Layer your basic T-shirt and Jeans with a flag hoodie. If you want to go a little subdued, choose a Monochromatic Flag hoodie. You can find a perfect patriotic hoodie at Foxtrot Tactical.
  3. Thin Blue Line Tank 
    You might own a dozen patriotic shirts, but your collection is incomplete without a nice patriotic tank top. Beat the Texas heat in a cool Tank top. We personally like a Thin Blue Line Tank because it pays our respect to not just our country but also to the police force who works tirelessly to make sure we are safe in our community.
  4. Groupie Shirt
    Design a shirt for your group of friends. Show unity and strength through a groupie flag shirt or a simple red, white and blue t-shirt available at Patriotic custom-made clothing by Foxtrot Tactical.
    With the above in your closet, you are set to rock the patriotic clothing fashion scene.